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My Book Charge the Fortress

Youthful halcyon days are shattered and Kenelm faces early adulthood disoriented. He is fourteen. A wise old man guides him gently through the realities he must face and those first tentative steps towards independence. Kenelm tries the law and politics but eschews these paths in deep yearning for freedom. Then two revelations occur in quick succession. Kenelm witnesses a businessman in full expression of his entrepreneurial magic and, one scorching summer day in Zambia, Kenelm suffers a near-death incident. He survives to an obsession of launching his own business.

Soon he is dogged by a slew of agonising trials. There’s an investor withdrawal, the lack of start-up cash and staff no-shows. There’s the brand anonymity, chaotic organisation and cash-crunch during uncontrolled growth. But an epiphany whilst on a Canadian backcountry expedition changes everything. He achieves revenue growth of 300% in eighteen months, freedom from day-to-day management and then a dramatic announcement ....

Business books are typically celebrity CEO ghost-written efforts, overhyped and lacking useful detail, or dry small business guides. Charge The Fortress! is a page-turning rollick, a true adventure story written by an accessible entrepreneur. And, if that doesn’t inspire, there are countless eureka moments on how to make money. A timeless story about self-reliance, pluck and imagination, Charge The Fortress! is the perfect gift for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, young people starting out and those on the quest for a more exciting life.

Table of contents

A posh restaurant and a cheap pen 6
A life shattered, survival and freedom in a cage 18
Sage rehabilitates a willing boy 22
A front row seat to entrepreneurial genius 37
The specialisation cul-de-sac 48
3 prime ministers, 2 campaigns, 1 conclusion 62
Business media and introduction to the world 75
Death on the Zambezi 89
Hapless launch to meeting Jesus 101
Haircuts, staff tissues and dead wood 115
“Are you a bean counter or a Branson” 128
Canadian epiphany beneath a flame sky 142
Undisputed #1 154
Back to the posh restaurant 171

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